As you may know, at Xpirit, ideas can escalate very quickly. This webshop is one of those ideas. It all started with the idea of designing a hoodie for the Innovation Day in Antwerp in 2022. The vision behind the design was to create a look and feel that didn’t feel like just a boring company logo or “corporate” clothing. Rather, we crafted a vintage style, reminiscent of classic brands, which people who don’t know Xpirit as an IT company would also like to wear.

Xpirit StreetWear was born

After the success of the hoodie, we couldn’t stand still, so of course, we had to design a summer collection. Together with Olaf, we looked for the most epic color combinations for this collection, and when we received the first design proposal, we had trouble picking which one of all these awesome designs we wanted to produce. So we chose all of them.

We thought it would be a bit overdone to give every single one of the items in this collection to all colleagues, so we came up with the idea to create this Xpirit SwagShop. Here, everyone can order the swag they want, and we prevent Xpirit swag from ending up unworn in your closet.

Future Swag

We are planning on designing a lot more cool swag, and we will let you know when we have updated the SwagShop with new Xpirit items, Streetwear or otherwise.

If you have an idea for an item we should design, feel free to reach out to Roy or Natascha!

Start shopping your SWAG